Dr Jane Akinyi a data scientist, is a lecturer in statistics and actuarial science at Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology in Kenya, and is the immediate former chairperson of the department of statistics and actuarial sciences

Jane has a proven track record of providing exemplary service.

Jane’s responsibilities include teaching, research and consultancies, mainly on the areas of statistics, data science and finance. Jane’s academic background and professional experience have enabled her to hone skills in the field of statistical analysis, data science and financial risk management.

In addition to responsibilities in the university, Jane is actively engaged in research and consultancies. Some of these activities include providing technical support to various organizations. Currently, she is a member of the national COVID-19 modelling technical committee, where she actively participates in modelling disease dynamics in the Kenyan context and sharing findings with the ministry of health. Jane was also actively involved in the national census (2019), as a trainer and regional coordinator. Other organizations for which she has provided statistical support include WHO, GIZ and AGRA in various projects.

 Jane been the lead in data analysis in FIND diagnostic funded projects: Optimization of diagnostic service networks for the health of women and children in Kenya project, Assessing the use of digital tools to strengthen COVID-19 screening, testing, contact tracing and patient management in Kenya project, Digital End-to-End among others.

She has been a key instrument in USAID funded projects: Health Informatics Governance and Data Analytics (HIGDA) and County Measurement and Learning Program II (CMLAP II), KeHMIS among others.

Email: jaduda@jkuat.ac.ke