JKUAT in collaboration with Palladium Kenya and the Ministry of Health held a college hall meeting on 24th March 2023 at the assembly hall, JKUAT. The aim is to sensitize and create awareness among students and faculty on emerging challenges and probable solutions in the use of eHealth to enhance decision making for public health good in Kenya. The meeting participants had an opportunity to learn both entrepreneurial and research opportunities available thus giving innovative and good health practices in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of patients. The college hall meeting brought together representatives from Palladium Kenya, HWTRK, JKUAT faculty and students drawn from various schools. Presenters included Dr. Reuben Thuo (Principal COHES, JKUAT), Dr. Jacob Odhiambo (Ag. Director KeHMIS Project Palladium, Kenya) and Bernard Ajwang’, Palladium Kenya.

College hall participants

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