JKUAT Maps Diagnostic Testing Services in Kisumu, Nyeri for UHC

Enhancing Key Diagnostic Services in Kenya for universal health care

The JKUAT-DHARC team on 5th July 2022, Launched the UHC Tracker under the Phase 1 of the Diagnostic Network Optimization Project. Funded by the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) and supported by the Ministry of Health, the JKUAT-DHARC mapped out 30 testing services across all six levels of Kisumu and Nyeri Counties to identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen services and improve access to quality health care. The Principal Investigator of the study, Prof. Simon Karanja said the study was piloted in the two counties because of their high prevalence of communicable diseases (malaria and HIV in Kisumu) and non-Communicable diseases (hypertension, diabetes and cancer in Nyeri).

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